Day 5: And Weave Begun!

We started school last Wednesday, so today marked our first full go-round of all of our classes. In particular, today was the first day of the high school math art seminar that Anna, Paul, and I teach together. So much fun! First we did intros. Then I shared a presentation about some ways that math and art connect. Paul talked about Bridges, the community that it brings together, and how we’d like to build a similar community in the seminar. Anna talked some about her math art artistic process and then led us in doing some paper weaving. Also, each of us shared some examples of math art that we’ve made.

Doing some paper weaving continued our beginning-of-the-year theme of math art on a square grid. In taking up this medium, we followed Patrick‘s awesome lead and let some designs from his site serve as inspiration. Also, if you haven’t checked out the weaving that Malke’s been jamming on, here’s an easy way to get there!


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