Day 8: Polyhedra?

Friday brought to a close our first full week of school. It also marked an important day in my geometry class’s first Investigation of the year—the whole-class test. I presented challenges to their collaborative glossary of geometry objects, and they had to address these challenges in a whole-class discussion. They had to moderate themselves—I just observed. As often happens, there was lively debate and ruts they got stuck in and a wild ruckus of trying to get everyone heard in a semi-orderly manner.

For the first time, I’m going to allow the (many) students who want to continue grappling with the whole-class test to do so next period. The others will begin their work on Investigation #2. I’m trying to let the class be more free-flowing that I have in the past, where students may not only be working on different projects within one Investigation, but that work might continue on prior Investigations as individual student interest dictates. The important thing is that they’re doing work that they’re invested in and will be proud of—this, shaped by the requirements that I’m laying out for them for their portfolios of work.

Merrily we roll along!


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