Day 17: Making Videos!

It was a pretty fantastic day. Not without its low points, but pretty darn fantastic.

“We could make giant Venn diagrams on the floor and bring in cupcakes and sort them into different categories!”

That’s what one of my seventh graders said last week, more or less. Actually, she said a whole lot more than that, but that was the gist. And so we did some prep work and brainstorming and baking. And they came to class twenty minutes early today—during lunch—at their own suggestion. And then we jammed on Venn diagrams for forty-five minutes.

It was a total blast. We were swarming around in a perfect storm of thinking, doing, and playing. On-the-fly problem solving, lateral thinking, comedy, shenanigans, dancing, and cupcakes. And it’s all on tape! I can’t wait to share the sped-up video—with them, with everyone at school, and hopefully with the wider world, too. For now, though, all you get is a screen-capture teaser.

Thank goodness for inspired, crazy students. And thank goodness I said “yes”!

By comparison, the other video I made today seems like no big deal. But on any other day, I’d be pretty jazzed up by it. Today would have been, “Day 17: Growing Shape Patterns, In Motion!” Below you’ll find a tiny little movie that I whipped up in class to show my Algebra 1 students one direction that they can go in as they continued to jam on our work on growing shape patterns of the past few days. I used iMotion HD on one of our iPads. I also showed them 3Dtin, a free online 3D modeling program that is especially good for building things out of cubes.

More, please! More!


2 thoughts on “Day 17: Making Videos!

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