Day 19: Inhexaflexeption!

In our middle school math art classes, we’ve been rocking paperfolding as our theme. Needless to say, Vi Hart dropping her hexaflexagon video days ago couldn’t have been more serendipitous. Before class today, I made my very first one. I used this video to learn how—it’s in Italian! And so charming! I can now count to four in Italian, and so that’s one more day I’ve gone without getting my lifelong learner’s permit revoked.

Then I went downstairs for class. Most of my students are mid-project—making linked modular origami frame cubes, making kusudama (they’re starting in on this one), and folding paper airplanes and holding a tournament to see which flies furthest. But two of my students had just wrapped up a weaving project (bubble panda!) and were looking for a new thing. When I showed them my hexaflexagon—as yet uncolored—they immediately wanted to make their own. I had them each make a ten-triangle strip and then showed them the the Italian video—still charming! And then I pointed them to Vi’s video and soon wandered off—only to minutes later hear shouts of ecstatic disbelief and excitement. “IT HAS FIVE SIDES!”


Also on the hexaflexagon front, one of my ninth graders showed me one that he had made and proudly told me that he had figured out how to make it on his own—just having seen the way that another one had moved. Awesome!

And for your bonus picture, I designed and printed out some growing shape pattern models today. Some of my Algebra 1 kids are hot on my heels.

And Michael Pershan visited Saint Ann’s today! Wahoo!


3 thoughts on “Day 19: Inhexaflexeption!

  1. I’ve been spending the week making hexaflexagons too! I’ve been coloring them and giving them to my kid, and she shows everyone her little ‘magic trick’ and then we make and color more. Sorta’ can’t get enough. 🙂

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