Day 20: You Are Here To Learn

This was up on the marker board when I got to my Algebra 1 class mid-morning. I’m thinking that it’s a Salomonism—care to confirm, Paul?

Either way, getting to teach in close quarters with Paul is such a blessing and a pleasure. We got to go on a Destination: Pastry walk today and got to chat about technology policies and blogging; about the external pressures to assign homework that we might not otherwise give; about his sweet sweet set theory lessons in Algebra 2; and about the way my logic unit is going with my 7ths.

“You are here today because you are here to learn.” It’s at once practical and existential. And it’s good to be reminded that I, too, am here to learn.

Thanks, Paul. And happy weekend, all!

Bonus picture: here are the first fruits of my Algebra 1 students creating 3D models of their growing shape patterns. And the stop-fram animations they’re making are really cool, too!


3 thoughts on “Day 20: You Are Here To Learn

  1. Thanks for the shout out. That’s actually not one of mine! Could it have been one of my 5thies during “choice math?” It’s pretty nice, though. Now I really want to know who wrote it.

    Thanks for the chat today. Always awesome to have you as a colleague. (no) duh!

    • Yeah, I was wondering if it might be one of your fifthies. The handwriting didn’t really seem like yours, but the sentiment sure did! You’re definitely rubbing off on them. There was another one on the grey board—-maybe a variation—that got erased before I could take it in. Let me know what you find out!

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