Day 21: Really Big Paper Airplane

This is a really big paper airplane.

I mean, not gigantic. Not 45 feet long. But big enough to be super-exciting to a middle school math artist. And his teacher. And more than a handful of passers-by and on-lookers.

The students he’d been working with were out for the day, and they had kind of wrapped up their paper airplane distance rally anyway. (mentioned previously) And then we noticed that we had some big paper in the room, and he just went to town. We tossed a medium-sized plane he made back and forth out in the hall, then came back in to make the even bigger one that’s in the photo. (The pink one is there just for size comparison’s sake.)

We went to the lobby of the building and tossed these jumbo jets off the red stairs. Amazing hangtimes! Stately descents! Catchable tosses! I don’t know that I’d ever caught a paper airplane before—like you’d just kind of crush it if you did, and also it happens so fast. But throwing this airplane back and forth felt more like playing catch with a football. Maybe also because we were throwing it back and forth, which suddenly strikes me as an unusual thing to do with a paper airplane.

So much joy. Dancing, basically.

He knows so much about paper airplanes, too. I learned some things about wing angles.

It feels pretty amazing to help students make and do the things they most want to do. I was pretty happy with the turn of phrase of this tweet from the other day:

Reap on! Sow on!

Bonus photo: My Algebra 1 students are upping the ante with their growing shape patterns. Wall-E!


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