Day 26: Seeing and Seeing As

We’re currently doing a small Investigation in Geometry class to bridge between two larger ones. It’s titled Seeing. A thread that I try to run through the year in Geometry is how seeing a geometric figure in multiple ways can often be the key to solving a problem.

For today’s class, my students read an excerpt from Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations. In it, Wittgenstein introduces this picture. We chatted about the excerpt, and at a certain point I drew the subject of today’s photo on the board. I let them look at this hexagon chopped up into triangles for a few beats…

and then asked…

(after a few beats more)…

“Do you see the cube?”

And then slowly from around the room came ohs! and whaaats?! and other such wonder-noises.

Not to mention that there are different cubes to be seen here.

That’s a bit of chalk well spent.

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