Day 27: Misstakes

Last year we began a Math Resource Room during lunchtimes for students. A place for them to get help, do some work with help close at hand, and just a place to do some more math—playing math games, chatting with teachers and each other.

I put up this poster on Monday. I’d started it the week before, and some students helped me to finish it. Only this afternoon did I notice that I’d misspelled “resource”.

I was a little bummed out when I saw it. Also a little amused. Sometimes little mistakes happen when you’re focused on the “big picture.”

A friend asked me today if I ever make mistakes in worksheets I make—impossible or ugly problems—and if I get anxious about it. He’s taught before and said that this always bothered him. I make this kind of mistake at least every week or two, and I don’t think it bothers me, at least not much.

I like being able to make mistakes and not beating myself up about them. Just to toss a phrase off: It’s not about being right. It’s about doing and learning. Good to remember in what is often a culture of perfection.

I could fix my poster, but I think I might just leave “resourse” as-is. Maybe someone else will catch it and want to fix it, or just enjoy seeing a mistake.

Bonus photo: Three of my seventh graders put on their “knights and knaves” logic puzzle play today. I got to be the narrator! They were really awesome. Here’s one of their backdrops:


3 thoughts on “Day 27: Misstakes

    • I corralled a couple of fourth graders into the room on Monday. They were fun. I need to put up signs in the stairwell and maybe make some more announcements in assembly. Anna and I did a skit in the 7th and 8th assembly the other week. ROFLcopter.

      We videoed the play! Your wish has come true!

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