Day 30: Giant Logic Puzzle


Getting there…

My seventh grade classes have moved on from their logic unit to thinking about some algebra, analysis, and number theory, as well as some investigations of voting theory in this election season. (Here’s a first voting worksheet.) But one group in one of my classes finally got the chance today to share their final logic project—an enormous grid puzzle, based on everyone in the class. (The categories were names, birthdays, favorite colors, and “supernatural creatures”.) The group introduced their puzzle and then I had half the class work on it with the group and the other half work with me on this categorizing numbers sheet. (This was a choice I made on the fly. Originally we were working on the puzzle as a whole class, but it just wasn’t interactive enough.) Later on, the two groups switched activities. The group who made the puzzle led the work on it the whole time and filmed the work on the puzzle—it’ll be fun to see how that turned out. I think they’re going to time-lapse it. Over the course of the period, the class got through most of the puzzle, and we’ll wrap it up in class tomorrow.

Bonus photo: Today was Math Munch‘s first anniversary! Birthday hats made an appearance in class, as did this impromptu well-wishing.

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