Day 32: Picking a Class Blog Name

Maybe two weeks ago, one of my seventh graders asked me if we could have a class website where students could post their work and articles and so forth. This was entirely unprompted by me—aside from whatever ambient aura of blogphilia that follows me around. Needless to say, I was thrilled. She pitched the idea to the class, and everyone was really excited at the prospect.

So we’ve gotten the go-ahead from the administration and are looking to make this a reality. Really the only thing we need to get going is a blog title to type into Blogger. And thus a natural occasion to apply our late forays into voting theory arises!

Here are there title candidates, and the number of people who “supported” each. (You could support as many candidates as you wanted in this tabulation.) We also did a first-choice vote, but those numbers got cut off in the photo.

The leading candidates appear to be Math Scoop, The Pi Shop, and TGIMath. We’ll have to figure out a fair way to sort this out so that everyone feels good about it.

One good piece of news is that students are into the idea of having “columns”, and so whichever titles don’t get used for the blog could still get used as column names. This bodes well for a peaceful classroom.

3 thoughts on “Day 32: Picking a Class Blog Name

  1. TGI Math is pretty awesome. I love Math Scoop as well. WHAT FUN!? I remember doing this with 5th graders, brainstorming for what became Peer Points. Burgers and Fives was a really winner.

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