Day 34: PROMYS Workshop

After school on Thursday, I hopped on a bus to Boston to attend a PROMYS workshop on Friday. I attended PROMYS for Teachers in the summers of 2006 and 2007, and those experiences have shaped my teaching and learning of math enormously. If you ever have the chance to go yourself, do it.

PROMYS teachers are really fortunate to have a strong, local math ed community in the Boston area. In addition to the six-week summer program, they have academic-year workshops like the one I was attending. They even had a discussion at the workshop about coordinating observation visits between schools for PROMYS teachers.

Workshops usually consist of presentations by teachers in the morning and then doing some math together. I was able to give a presentation about some of the new parts of my teaching life over the past three or four years. (It’s been a while since I’ve made it to one of these workshops.) This was the hand-out I threw together. I focused on four verbs: reflect, curate, make, and connect. Blogging and the online math ed community was featured prominently.

It was really nice seeing folks: Al, Bowen, Glenn, Sarah, Karen, Sarah, and more. Meeting new people, too! For some goodness, you should check out Bowen’s blog. Al and Bowen and Sarah work at EDC, where the workshop was held. They created the CME curriculum, which is outstanding.

Today’s photo is of one of my contributions to the day’s work. We were given a problem set of a bunch of tables and were to write functions for them. I was skipping around and did a problem that was some shifted squares that I modeled with (n+3)^2. So when I ran up against the table in the photo, I was all primed to see a shifted squares pattern and so wrote the function in those terms. It was fun to see it in that way and to share it. Others had other ways of seeing it, and it was fun to see those, too.

It was great to reconnect. I’m excited to get back up to Boston soon!

I hope my students enjoyed the work I left for them for Friday. I’m looking forward to hearing about it—as soon as we go back to school, post-Sandy. Stay dry and safe out there!


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