Day 44: Origami Field Trip!

Today* was the much anticipated field trip to Taro’s Origami Studio. The kids had a blast. We left school at 9:30 and took the 2 train to Grand Army Plaza. Twenty-two kids in all, between Paul’s middle school math art class and mine. Paul was home with his newborn baby daughter(!!!),  so it was me, Anna, and Ted chaperoning.

Ben, the instructor at the studio, was knowledgeable and was great with the kids. He gave some historical and application-y background about origami, and then dove into leading the group through two constructions: the bunny (pictured above) and the crane. There was a wave of delight when the kids puffed air into their bunnies to inflate them. Voila! Three-dimensional cuteness.

My attempts at origami were pretty abysmal. I think this was in part because I was focused on the kind of experience the kids were having, and part that this particular combination of oral instructions accompanied by in-process visual was hard for me to catch on to. None of the students seemed to have any significant trouble. It’s possible that I’ve just gotten worse at following instructions.

Several of the kids purchased origami books, and at least one is planning on taking classes at the studio as a result of our trip. That, on top of the fun we had, made it a way-successful morning outing.

* That is to say, last Thursday.

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