Day 88: Save the Zogs


Yesterday in my Algebra 1 class, we did a sorting activity where students in groups had an envelope of representations of particular linear functions that they were to put into matching sets. Graphs, tables, equations, and verbal descriptions. The class had a more focused atmosphere than is often the case, but there were some students who were hanging back and letting others do the thinking.

So today I decided to try another kind of task, one that would be individual but in a different mode than our more usual pencil-and-paper. So we used laptops to play Save the Zogs. Every kid made good progress and some even finished and got to play some of the games I posted on Math Munch last week. I hope that the game gave them one more way of looking at this important and recurrent mathematical structure. I just try to keep hitting it in lots of ways so that kids will dwell and dwell in it and connections will form.


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